Our partner for 13 years

We offer the company a full support of their official website, as well as their commercial vehicle website. Together with Volkswagen, we have launched a fully functional online car shop and a used car marketplace. We contributed to the online introduction of more than 10 new Volkswagen models, including the renewed Tiguan, the Teramont, and the Touareg in 2018. In 2017 — 2018 the implementation of new tools and tactics made it possible to get 70% more leads from the company’s websites.


Our partner since 2017

We are steadily crafting the digital ecosystem of the Yamaha brand.
We explore the audience and determine the clients’ preferences.
In 2018 we have rolled out a renovated official Yamaha website in Russian.


Our partner since 2017

We offer a full digital support of the Audi brand. We are in charge for the website and 55 more dealer websites, alongside with a variety of other Audi digital platforms and applications.


Our partner since 2011

We support the company’s official website. We are implementing end-to-end analytics powered by Google and adopt Big Data best practices.


Our partner since 2018

We help IKEA complete digital transformation and support brand’s online services.


Our partner since 2018

Together with AVON, we work on a global e-commerce solution for launching direct sales in emerging markets.